1972 Gremlin FOR SALE

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1972 AMC Gremlin FOR SALE
$6500.00 Email for more info

American Motors Corp.

A little pin striping job 7/29/01 by Johnny A.

This show stopper classic is available for sale for only $6500.00 The car was featured in Hemmings Motor News "Special Interest Autos December 2002 with a 6 [age article. It was also Ms. January 2003 in Hemming Motor News "Orphans" Calendar. This 72 Gremlin took a Bronze plaque at the 2000 AMC Nationals, it's very 1st showing anywhere after the restoration was completed.

After I was the legal owner of this car, we had it completely restored. Fortunately this didn't involve much.. the chrome was basically good, had the seats reupholstered and a complete paint job that too months of fine tuning so it was perfect. I added the AMC mag wheels, had them polished to a chrome like finish, added the roof rack and the sport steering wheel and sideview mirros.

In November of 1972, as senior in High School, I bought my very first car, a brand new 1973 AMC Gremlin. It was Diamond Blue with a blue interior, automatic transmission and that was about it! It cost $2400, my father said at the time, it cost me $1.00 per pound!

1973 AMC Gremlin
This picture was taken autumn 1973 in the Catskill mountains of New York State.
(Click the picture to see the larger view)

I owned another Gremlin later on, a 1976 and several more cars after. Being married to a car nut, I kept asking him to find me a Gremlin to restore, and although he laughed at me, being a Chevy man himself, he was silently searching.

Late July 1998, he found a 1972 Jet Sky Blue Gremlin. I'll be the third owner, the second only keeping the car for several months. He had bought it from the original owner. Only 92k miles, garaged all these years, the car is in amazingly great shape. No pitting on the bumpers, the dash and door panels are perfect, the power steering and AC function like new and very little rot and rust. I have the original receipt for the car, $3134.60, purchased at American Motors Sales Corp, Fordham Rd, Bronx, NY on 12/9/71

135 HP 232CID
Automatic Trans
Air Cond
Power Steering
Tinted glass

Radio AM PB
Full Wheel covers
Vinyl interior
Bumper Guards F & R
Remove White Wall tires

The night we picked it up I raced hubby home and got yelled at to take more care with such an old car.. but hell.. I had to see if it would go 80!

As usual, please click on the pictures to see the larger view!

Here are the BEFORE pictures :)
Taken in my backyard, just after getting the license plates 7/30/98

The Car! The clean bumpers
The dashboard The door panel
The Original bill of sale

Close To Home Cartoon 11-20-98




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